Who Is To Blame For the Downfall of America??

For the last several weeks I have sat back and watched as our great Nation has divided itself over the issues of the confederate flag, gay marriage, immigration, etc. We have watched as one twisted human being decided to act upon his hatred for those who are different and take the lives of 9 innocent people in a bible study. We have watched as the liberals placed the blame on the conservatives and the conservatives placed the blame on the liberals. The last several weeks in America have been literally heart wrenching for those who still love their country. With all the killings, the hatred, the racism, the bigotry, the deceit and the lies, where does the blame lie? Is it really the fault of the conservatives or the liberals? Is it the fault of the north or the south? There are parts of America that resemble a third world country and they are closer to home than you realize. Who is to blame?
If you will read the scriptures and study the times you will plainly see that problem is not one of a social nature. Regardless of whether you think so or not, gay marriage has nothing to do with the problem in America. The confederate flag has nothing to with the problem in America. Racism has nothing to do with the problem in America. The blame for the downfall of our great Nation lies strictly with the church. We love to quote and post 2 Chronicles 7:14 and say that if America will repent then we can see God work again. It might make for some really good preaching, but it makes for a terrible truth. If you read the verse it plainly starts by saying “If my people..” That verse has absolutely nothing to do with the world. That passage of scripture was meant for the child of God. We have seen the downfall of a great country because we have lost focus in the church. If we apply 2 Chronicles 7:14 to the child of God, we can plainly see that the world is just being the world. It is the church that needs to repent!
For the last couple of weeks I have watched as two preachers, who I grew up believing were “heroes of the Faith,” argued and called each other names and ridiculed each other on social media over the issue of whether or not young people should wear shorts to church. Seriously? Who cares as long as they are wearing something! And we wonder why the churches are empty today. We have had christians who can pronounce judgment on gay marriage and the banning of a flag, yet they struggle with telling somebody about Jesus. If you can rant on social media about social issues without caring about  what others think, then where is that same passion for telling somebody about Jesus? We have churches that say “we’re not racist” yet won’t allow a black family to join their congregation. We have preachers who will rebuke a sinner for not living right yet never share the gospel with them. We can never see a movement of God as long as the churches are more impressed with their standards than they are the Savior.
If you want to place the blame for the downfall of America, then it can be placed upon the practices of the Christians. It is no longer a normal thing for a family to sit together and have a devotional time with God and read and study the scriptures together as a family. It is no longer a normal thing to see people being faithful to their church as much as possible. It’s funny how that we can find time for a hobby yet struggle to find the time to make it to church. The problem is that we have decided to use Christianity as a hobby instead of living for God. We read the Bible when we can find time. We tell others about Jesus when it is convenient for us. We might make it to church this week if nothing comes up. Christians, if we want to see a change in society, we are gonna have to make a change in our lives.
So often in the church we are taught to avoid those who are lost and wicked, yet the scriptures never dictate that reality. We are told and commanded to be separate in our mind and heart. We must learn that being a Christian doesn’t mean we have to walk around with our noses stuck up in the air avoiding anybody that may have some issues. We must learn how to live for God while living in this world. Unfortunately, we don’t have a choice. We are still in this world so we are gonna shop, work, eat, commute and even live around those who are not Godly. It is up to us to be mature enough as a Christian to be able to stay strong in our faith regardless of the crowd. If we want to see God move in America again, then the church is gonna  have to make time for those we are taught to avoid. We are gonna have to make time for those who are addicted to drugs and have needle marks and are suffering the effects of drug and alcohol abuse. We are gonna have to find the time for those drunks who are sleeping in their own vomit and have lost everything to support a God-less habit. We are gonna have to make time for those women on the street corners who are selling their bodies to twisted people who will pay them to have sex with them. We are gonna have to learn to make time for those young men who aren’t even old enough to shave yet they have a criminal record from living on the streets. We are gonna have to make time for those who have marked their bodies up with tattoos. We must make time for those young ladies who aren’t even old enough get a drivers license yet they have given their virginity away. We are really quick to criticize and judge their lifestyle, yet we aren’t very quick to put our arm around them and lead them to Jesus.
We long for the days when kids were safe at school and didn’t have to worry about getting shot or being searched at the door. We long for the days when young ladies could go to public without being raped and we could leave our doors unlocked at night. But where are the days when mom and dad gathered the family together and prayed and thanked God for being so good to them. Where are the days when the whole family would get up on Sunday Mornings and go to church and worship together? Where are the days where we got up an hour early to spend time with God instead of sleeping in and then hurrying off to work as if God had nothing to do with waking you up one more time?
My point is this…if we want to see society get right with God, then we must get right with God. There will be no change until God’s people get their focus readjusted. It is time God’s people quit placing the blame on society and started repenting and begging God for a clean heart as David did in Psalms. If we can’t make time for God in our own lives the don’t expect society to live righteous and Godly. Jesus even said that the “harvest is plenteous but the laborers are few.” There are plenty of people who want to hear about Jesus, we just need plenty of Christians are willing to tell them. 


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