Peace In the House of God

So often we hear of nonsense in the church. If you were to take a poll in your local area on why people are not interested in church there would be hundreds of different responses, but I can say with almost complete certainty that they would have one thing in common and that would be that each person has either been hurt or knows someone that has been hurt due to unnecessary nonsense in the church. It is sad that there is so much drama in today’s churches. I’ve seen members get upset and leave over the silliest things and I’ve also seen pastors hurt members with unnecessary meddling. I can fully understand the hurt that many are feeling due to drama in the church and I pray that they find them a good bible believing church in which they can continue to worship the Lord. Nevertheless, we must still remain active in our duties to meet together and worship the Lord. Many today are using the “hurt” as an excuse to not go and therefore fall short in worshipping the Lord in His house. I have had to remind myself on numerous occasions that I do not go to church for others, I go for the Lord. There have been shootings and robberies at Walmart but I still go there. There have been robberies and even murders in banks, but I still make sure I get to the bank to manage my money. Why should I treat God any different? Just because others may have a bad spirit or may not have the right and choose to live in a manner that is hurtful to others doesn’t mean that I should neglect the Lord and His house. I don’t avoid the bank because it got robbed once so I shouldn’t avoid God’s house just because someone else, who by the way isn’t perfect, hurt me in some way or another.  I may not go back to that branch of the bank or I may even transfer my accounts to another bank, but I’m still going to the bank. The same should be true for the child of God. Maybe you’re not comfortable going to a particular church or maybe you have reason to find a different one, but nonetheless you should still make every effort to not avoid God’s House. There are circumstances which may not always allow us to be in church, but as much as we can we should make every effort to meet together in His house and worship Him. Paul even tells us in Hebrews 10:25 that we are to make even more effort in these last days to not forsake the assembling of ourselves together. It is harder and there are different circumstances today than there used to be. So why does God put such a huge emphasis on meeting together to worship Him? He does so because He loves us and wants us to grow in His mercy and grace. Though we don’t have to be in the church in order to worship the Lord, it is near impossible to grow and abide in Christ if we forsake the assembling of ourselves together. This flesh gets weary and will eventually tire out and convince us that we just don’t need to even bother. God’s house should be a place of peace. It should be that one place that you can run to when every wall of your life is crumbling down on top of you and nothing seems to be going right. It should be that one place where you can come and find needful rest spiritually. It should be that one place we can go when we are discouraged and ready to quit. When the coworkers and neighbors and even family are on your case trying to convince you that you shouldn’t be going up there to that church. When peer pressure gets to be too much and everyone else is mocking and making fun of you for living for Christ. When discouragement sets in and you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to turn. The house of God should be that place of peace and rest that you can run to. When you’re bearing burdens that nobody else knows or even seems to care about, the house of God should be that one place you can run to that will help you bear and/or relieve that burden. When you’re ready to just throw it in and quit, the house of God should be that one place you can go that will encourage you and give you the strength to keep going. When you feel spiritually weak as if you just can’t take the pressures of the christian life anymore, God’s house should be a place of strength and renewal. Here are 3 reasons that God’s people need His house:

1: Because of the people of God.

          Though sometimes other Christians can be a real means of discouragement, they can also be a great encouragement as well. One thing that I have learned about young people is that many of the problems that today’s youth face can be avoided with positive peer selection. The same concept is true with God’s people. We should find us a place of worship where the people are more concerned with the Savior than they are with their standards. A place where you can be encouraged to keep on serving God even if you fall and fail. We should surround ourselves with other like minded Christians who have a deep down burning desire to serve God and when we do it will certainly provide us with encouragement and excitement to go on for God in spite of the situation!

2: Because of the presence of God.

       If there is one thing that the modern day child of needs needs to experience again, it is the presence of God. We’ve forgotten the awesome wonder that being in God’s presence brings. It will provide us with much needed joy. In the midst of life’s circumstances, it is almost guaranteed that you will at one point or another lose your joy. Being in the presence of God will renew that joy and that happiness! God’s presence also brings peace and contentment. No matter what the situation is, we know that it will be just fine because God knows what He’s doing. Though we can experience the presence of God outside the church, nothing compares to meeting with God in His house!

3: Because of the promises of God.

      God promises to bless us if we stay faithful in serving Him. He tells us in Deuteronomy that He will never leave nor will He forsake us and then Paul reiterates this truth again in Hebrews. God not only gave us His best at Calvary so that we can be saved, He promised us His faithfulness throughout the rest of eternity. What more can we ask for as Christians? If He promised to be faithful to us even though we are undeserving, we should be faithful in giving our all to Him. After all, Paul told us in Romans 12:1 that is only reasonable for us to give ourselves to Him.

So the next time the Devil tries to give you a million excuses as to why you shouldn’t go to church, just remind yourself of these three reasons and keep on serving God. Let God’s house be that place of peace, of strength, and of rest. Even the Psalmist said he was glad when he was told “let’s go to the house of God!” When we finish the service at church, may we be like David and know that it has been good to be in the house of God! 


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