The Heart Break of A Great Country

This morning I attended a gang education program at work to further educate us on the activity and recognintion of gang members. The more i study and educate myself and attend these trainings and such, the more it truly breaks my heart for the younger generation. Somebody needs to develop a burden because our future rests in the hands of young people who find nothing wrong with taking an innocent life all in the name if joining a gang or making a voice for his or herself. As responsible adults, it is our duty to provide an honorable example for the younger generation to follow. This in no way exempts any youth or teenager from being responsible for their own actions, but the Godly examples for them to follow are decreasing by drastic numbers.
We have a genration that knows nothing but crime and lawlessness. The crime problem in this country did not start with any particular political affiliation or elected official. The problem in it’s essence is not even that of a political nature or even criminal, but sinful. Clearly put, America has a sin problem. The problem with this country did not begin in the White House, or even the church house, but it began in our houses. When the American home decided that it was more important to spend time watching American Idol or Kim Kardashian instead of spending quality time with their maker. The problem began when parents chose to stop taking their kids to church and even quit going themselves. The problem began when God was no longer welcome in the home. While attending the gang training, I found that a few of the reasons youth join gangs are so that they can attain such things as love, security, respect etc. These are traits that should be learned at home, not in a street gang!      
In 2012 according to there were 1,214,462 violent crimes on the streets of America. There were 8,975,438 property crimes. Agencies nationwide made 12.2 million arrests with the exception of traffic violations. For ever 100,000 people, 3.5% of them are rapists, 5.8% are robbers, and 33.1% are guilty of aggravated assault. If this does not break your heart then there is something wrong with you! The solution is not universal healthcare, gun control, gevernment assistance, or even foreign wars. The answer is and always has been Jesus. America needs Jesus. It is time for God’s people to step up and take ownership of their homes, churches, and communities. It is time to put more focus on making a difference than making a living.

There is a departure from purity in our nation. It no longer bothers people to sin. What used to make us blush now makes us laugh. What was once abhorred is now accepted. The presence of purity is rapidly declining in modern society. We have even lost purity in our conscience. Consider the subject of abortion. There was once a time when killing the unborn baby to secure the convenience of the mother was abhorred and criminal. Now politicians have secured office by making it legal. Did you know that less than 1% of al abortions are due to rape? Answers given for their reasons behind having an abortion are truly eye opening. 21% had abortions because of inadequate finances. Another 21% said they were just not ready for the responsibility. 16% said their life would change too much and they just couldn’t deal with that. 12% of abortions in 2013 was due to relationship problems. There is a common denominator here, being the seared conscience of the mother. Our society has deemed personal convience of the mother to be more important than an innocent life. The lack of purity is rampant and heart wrenching.

Consider the consumption of alcohol in America. Did you know that the manufaturing of alcohol costs American’s 235 billion dollars  annually. An average of 80,000 deaths per year are attribituted to excessive alcohol use. Over 2.3 million years of life  combined is lost each year due to alcohol related deaths. Think about that before you decide to have your next beer or social drink at the local watering hole. Consumption of alcohol has results that include violence, sexual misconduct, miscarriages, neurological issues, cancer of the mouth and liver disease. Still want that drink after work tonight? We have lost the war on crime in this country because we have lost our purity.

I could write 1,000 pages on what I believe are reasons for the problems in society, but there is truly only one reason for the crime and lawlessness in our streets, and that is the desertion of Jesus Christ. God’s Word has been restricted while atheists are allowed to cram their beliefs down our throats without legal intervention. God’s Word has been rejected while society accepts such things as Kim Kardasians butt on public display, Miley Cyrus’s provacative gyrations and Lil Wayne’s vulgar music videos endorsing gang involvement. God’s wisdom has been ignored by our refusal to follow His ways and stand in His truth. America needs Jesus. Plain and simple. How does Christ become welcome back in society? By making Him welcome back in your home. Before spending your entire evening catching up on tv shows, get the family together and spend some time in the Word of God. Instead of gossiping about your neighbor, spend a few moments in prayer and tell God about it. Plainly put, our great country is experiencing heart break because we’ve broken the very heart of God. Let’s make a difference. One home at a time!


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