The Perfect Network

Recently I have been having a ton of problems with my phone. My calls have been dropped, my signal comes and goes, and my data has been slower than Christmas. This aggravates me because I pay for the service, yet the service I receive is poor. I’ve been told that they are working on it and it will be fixed soon.

This got me to thinking. Aren’t you glad that Heaven’s network never drops a call? Sure, there are times that God says no or maybe He even waits until the time is right to answer, but the line is always perfectly clear. This means that it doesn’t matter if I’m in the woods, if I’m in the house, if I’m working out in the field, or if I’m standing in the middle of the grocery store. I can always stop right where I’m at and pray. I don’t have to wander off to search for a signal, because this His network is always strong!

There are times when I do not have the spirit of prayer like I should, but there is never a time that He is too busy and can’t hear me when I pray. My God is powerful enough to personally hear and answer my prayer. Think about it. The Creator of the world cares enough about someone as unimportant as me to personally talk to me. I can have a personal relationship with the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!

Prayer is the most neglected privilege for the Child of God. We get so caught up in the affairs of this life that we tend to let our relationship with the Lord suffer. God loves to hear us pray as much as we love for Him to answer our prayers. Prayer should be treasure and not a chore. Never under estimate the awesome power of prayer. In this world of mass confusion, the distractions and the noise, it’s good to know we serve a God who hears the smallest voice. He hears the bending of the weakest knee and the silence of a whispered prayer.

“My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O Lord; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up.” – Psalms 5:3


One thought on “The Perfect Network

  1. the last two sentences, in the above commentary, are from a song I wrote and recorded about 10 years ago called” like thunder”. I am constantly amazed at how God has used this song to be a blessing to so many people. I take no credit, it came straight from God and I thank you for using these words. I hope it will bless you and your readers as much as it has me. THX, fm


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