A Daily Revival

A few times a year we will have a revival meeting at church. A revival is good to stir up the Christian and revive their hearts once again for the cause of Christ. As God’s people, we need another stirring of our hearts. We need to be revived and focus more on Him and His Will, but the sad reality of revival meeting many modern churches is that they are nothing more than just a meeting. A true revival only starts during the meeting, but continues far after the services are over.

As Christians we often speak about and say we want to see a national revival, but do we really? Are we willing to do the necessary work and make the necessary sacrifices? If the nation is to see a revival, then God’s people must first be revived and that starts with the individual Christian. It is hard at times for us to admit that we meed a personal revival in our own personal hearts before we can enjoy revival in the church or in the nation.

When we see revival in our own lives as an individual Child of God, we should desire to stay in a revived state. This is not an easy task considering that we are wrapped in human flesh. We experience hard times and trying circumstances that may at times hinder us from experiencing that revival, but we can be revived again.

How do we make a revival in our hearts last? Allow me  to remind you of the fire in the previous post. In order to keep that fire hot, there must be something to burn. Eventually the substance will burn up and the fire will go out if something is not thrown into the fire. The same is true for the Child of God. In order for the revival to continue in our hearts daily, we must continue to keep the fire of God burning in our hearts. This is accomplished by prayer, praise and presence. We must daily maintain a constant spirit of prayer meaning that we must stay in a place spiritually where we can talk with the Lord as if He were our best friend. In other words, we must stay on speaking terms with God.

Praise is also essential to keeping the fire of God burning in our hearts. We must praise Him daily. David said “Let everything that hath breath praise ye the Lord.” We must learn to praise Him in the good times, and it will be a little easier to praise Him in the hard times. As we do with prayer, we must maintain a spirit of praise meaning that we have a thankful heart. Remind yourself everyday of His blessings. Our presence is also essential. We can pray and praise, but if we have no presence, we have no revival. We must have the presence of God in our lives meaning that we must have a clean heart daily. Psalms 51 gives the perfect illustration for this. We must also make our presence known in the house of God. Worship is vital to the life of the Christian.

May God help the fire to keep burning in my heart! Don’t let the revival stop with the meeting, but let it keep burning in your soul day and night! We can’t let our light shine if there is no fire to produce the light.

“Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee?” — Psalms 85:6


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