Morning Worship at the Kitchen Table

I’ve been asked to sing Sunday night at church. This is nothing out of the ordinary as I’ve sang many times in many churches over the years. So I got up this morning and began reviewing songs while I was eating glazed doughnuts and drinking milk while still in my housecoat. I wanted a few new songs to sing sunday night and I had one particular song on my mind, but I couldn’t remember the tune to part of the verse. So like every good singer does, I fired up the ol laptop computer and directed my browser to youtube. After sifting through probably hundreds of songs with that title, I have yet to find that song,

But never fear, the Lord works in mysterious ways at times. As I was getting ready to close the computer and just review some songs I already had, I saw one on youtube that I haven’t sang or played in many years. The song is entitled “I’ve Got More To Go To Heaven For Than I Had Yesterday.” It’s an old song, but man what a song! When I clicked on the video, what pulled up was not a professional group or master artist, but just a man and his guitar who had a heart to sing for Jesus. As I listened to him sing, the words of that old song starting pricking my heart. I started thinking about how I am more blessed today than I was yesterday. I do have more to go to heaven for than I had yesterday. As I listened, I started singing along with him, and as I sang along with him, I began to get a little exited and really joyful and started singing a bit and praising Christ alot.

After the video ended, I found another one that I haven’t heard in many years and then another and then another old song that you just don’t hear in church anymore. The Lord spoke to me through this and it’s like He asked me, “Now why would you be searching for a new song when the old ones still get the job done?” I was searching for something new, but it was the old stuff that spoke to me. I’m not saying that new songs are bad, but the video I watched was a man that was less than an amateur, yet spoke more to me than any professional musician or artist.

What I learned was that it’s not about how new my song is, but who I’m singing the song for. It’s not about how well I can sing or play music, but it’s about giving God the praise and Glory He deserves. So I gave up my search for the new song, and started focusing on the old ones.

Sometimes we try to become so advanced, that we lose track of why we’re even working. I always strive to be better, but whether I’m better or worse, I just want to give God the glory. When I sing, I want those listening to see and hear Jesus just as I did this morning. I don’t want them to hear me, because I’ll screw up and fail, but Christ will never fail and never messes up. It’s all about Him, not about us. It’s all about Him, not about our new songs, It’s all about Him, not about our talent. I’m so eternally thankful that even sitting at the kitchen table eating doughnuts and drinking milk, God still chooses to meet with an ol country boy! Thank you Jesus!


“Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands.” — Psalms 100:1



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