Just Wait Til Tomorrow

Today I had to face the inevitable. It was time for me to go renew my tag and registration on my truck. Now, I typically pride myself in getting these things completed before the due date, but this was a case of exception. I have been putting it off for almost a month now. Everyday I tell myself, “I’ll just go do it in the morning” but the morning never comes. I can come up with 3 dozen excuses as to why I kept putting it off, but they are all invalid. The truth is, my mind would have been set at ease if I would have just done it when I should have.

It wasn’t late, but i am not the “on time” kind of person. I like to be early on everything. I get to work 30-45 minutes early every night I am scheduled. I get to church early. I get up early. I eat early. I arrive early to all my appointments. I just like to be early for whatever it is I need to do, but this occasion I was right on time. 

There is typically a stereotype with the DMV. When we think about going into the DMV we usually cringe because of that stereotype of having to wait or never having the right paperwork and having to leave and come back again. But here in a small town, it’s not that bad. It took me longer to drive there than it did to renew my registration. As I was driving back home, I started telling myself “see, now that wasn’t so bad.” It took maybe all of an hour to go there, get it done, and be back home. I started wondering just why did I even put it off ? Why couldn’t I have just went and got it over with before? It has been heavily on my mind to get it done because there are expensive consequences to pay for neglecting to get it done.

This got me to thinking about things in my spiritual life that get neglected for no reason at all other than just laziness. Have you ever had something on your mind and you felt that the Lord was telling you to do something? You know it’s the right thing to do, but you just keep procrastinating. You keep putting it off until tomorrow. I know for me, this is an area that needs massive improvement. It is easy to wait til the last second to get out of bed and then have to rush to get the day started and in the process not have enough time to spend with the Lord for just a few minutes. It races through my mind all day knowing that I haven’t even stopped long enough to read any scripture at all. My day would go alot smoother if I would just get out of bed a few minutes earlier and spend some time with the One who blessed me with the bed to sleep in and the roof over my head. There are many days I go all day long and never stop to spend 5 minutes with God in prayer. He deserves much more, yet I just put it off. I am ashamed at the procrastination present in my spiritual life and I am gonna start denying the flesh and feeding my Spirit and Soul.

If you know it’s the right thing to do, don’t let the grind of the day’s activities keep you from doing what you know in your heart you need to do. It breaks my heart to know that there are so many who have never trusted Christ with their eternity and have never given their hearts to Him because they just say “I’ll do it in the morning.” Don’t put it off! Just as there are consequences to pay for me failing to renew my registration on time, there are consequences to pay for leaving your soul prey to the silent killer called procrastination.  May God help me to keep my heart right and my conscience clean by actively engaging in what I know is right instead of waiting til tomorrow. 


“Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.” — James 4:17



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